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Model:          RMESU1000WA00

  • Inverter:        1000 Watt Dual Charged Inverter
  • Battery:         Lead Acid 12Vdc 140 A/H with own On/Off switch
  • Input Voltage:       Solar PV 12Vdc / 220Vac
  • Output Voltage:    220Vac 50Hz
  • Solar Input Current:  20Amps
  • Solar Input Voltage: 12Vac 100Watts+ / 220Vac
  • Built in Light with own On/Off Switch
  • 2x 15amps three point sockets
  • Ideal for:       Lights, TV, Decoder, DSTV and Charger and more
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Rolop have created a superb new range of solar street lights that are environmentally friendly, easy to install and offer tremendous light output. These lights are ideal for all sorts of uses and their modern design has found favour with everyone. Solar street lights can be easily installed and moved and delivers free, renewable energy which is stored in a battery ready to be used when darkness falls.


The Photovoltaic Lighting System designed and manufactured by Rolop are the most innovative in the world with patents covering the main application of combining LEDs and Solar power for exterior lighting.

We are able to offer their range of turn-key solutions. Available in various sizes from 48 5mm LEDs sign light to an ambitious 120 8mm LEDs for road Lantern all using LEDs and solar PV panels with advanced energy management options to generate the maximum energy from a PV cell.



Easy to install and operate 
There is no need to dig trench, lay underground cables or resort to other expensive methods to install street lighting. Just use solar power. There are no on-going costs once installed, no standing charges and best of all they are helping to reduce energy consumption.

Generating their power from the sun means that solar street lights are cost effective.
Besides that they are very environmentally friendly - they do not use any greenhouse gases as sunlight is converted into energy and stored in a battery.

Solar powered LED lighting can be used wherever there is a need for lighting.


Discreet lighting

Footpaths in parks& car parks

Industrial buildings &Airfields

Countryside roads

Bus shelters

Remote homes

Play areas

Harbour side lighting

Developing countries


  • Long life. The long life of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting means that lamp changing and lamp failures are a thing of the past. LED lighting life is up to 50 000 hours. In a typical night time burning situation, this equates to approximately 15 years.
  • Reliability. LEDs, as electronic devices, offer superb reliability over conventional lamps.
  • Maintenance free operation. No routine maintenance is required to ensure continued performance, so reducing costs and avoiding the possibility of missed maintenance.
  • Energy efficient. With advanced leds, luminaire design, energy efficient operation is ensured.
  • Environmental benefits. Lamp disposal problems are eliminated due to the long life of LED lights, and no resources are used in routine maintenance.
  • New lighting possibilities. New luminaire designs are made possible by the small size of LEDs and eliminating the need to allow for maintenance required for conventional lamps.

Solar Lighting feature summary

  • Unique Patented Systems.
  • Engineered for maintenance free operation.
  • Advanced Energy control options.
  • Fully sustainable technology.
  • Life cycle costs typically 20% of existing technology.
  • Ultra High Power LEDs
  • Ingress protection: IP65.
  • High Efficiency PV panels
  • Battery selection with 1yr guarantee.
  • Flood lighting applications.
  • No lamp changes – sealed for life.
  • Fully controllable with excellent colour rendition
  • Multi combination outputs.
  • Remote electronics.
  • LED Life expectancy – 15 years +.
  • IP65 rated.
  • 48mm entry fixing.
  • Highly robust product resistant to both vibration and vandalism.
  • Environmentally friendly product,
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