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Model:          RMESU1000WA00

  • Inverter:        1000 Watt Dual Charged Inverter
  • Battery:         Lead Acid 12Vdc 140 A/H with own On/Off switch
  • Input Voltage:       Solar PV 12Vdc / 220Vac
  • Output Voltage:    220Vac 50Hz
  • Solar Input Current:  20Amps
  • Solar Input Voltage: 12Vac 100Watts+ / 220Vac
  • Built in Light with own On/Off Switch
  • 2x 15amps three point sockets
  • Ideal for:       Lights, TV, Decoder, DSTV and Charger and more
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Industrial Rotary Knife Action Self Cleaning Switches, design and manufactured by Rolop CC, Roger Lopes snr. With this goes our 22mm Local produces 7 cluster LED indicator lights. We offer the 7 LED in Red, Amber, Yellow, Green, White, Clear and Blue. It can be configured with a lamp test and no circuit needs to be switched off to test the lamps.

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