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Model:          RMESU1000WA00

  • Inverter:        1000 Watt Dual Charged Inverter
  • Battery:         Lead Acid 12Vdc 140 A/H with own On/Off switch
  • Input Voltage:       Solar PV 12Vdc / 220Vac
  • Output Voltage:    220Vac 50Hz
  • Solar Input Current:  20Amps
  • Solar Input Voltage: 12Vac 100Watts+ / 220Vac
  • Built in Light with own On/Off Switch
  • 2x 15amps three point sockets
  • Ideal for:       Lights, TV, Decoder, DSTV and Charger and more
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Roger Lopes started two companies:

Lop Switches, a rotary switch manufacturing company in 1993 and then Rogers Controls, a LED lights manufacturing company in 1994. He then merged the two to form Rolop Manufacturing cc in 2001.

Rolop Manufacturing is an in house manufacturing company providing electrical equipment such as rotary switches and LED products to the electrical engineering and mining markets.

Over the years we have expanded our range of products and services and are always open to manufacturing new items within our ability to cater to our customer’s needs.


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